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Friday, November 26, 2010

Dicken's Fair Bonnet

Here is a bonnet I have just completed. This is my first Civil War era bonnet. I have created it for the Dicken's Fair which starts this weekend and goes for four weeks. The Dicken's Fair is an event held in San Francisco to celebrate the Holiday season with a Charles Dickens theme. Folks get dressed in Civil war era attire and attend this event. It is set between 1840 and 1863. My bonnet represents the early part of that era. It is made from a buckram base, covered in wool, and finished with antique materials. I used antique silk from the 1800's in brown and black stripes, antique silk picot edged ribbon,and antique mesh ribbon trim.

The inside is lined in black silk taffeta.

This was a hard hat to make, as it has a bowl-shaped back piece made from buckram.

This has to be wired and attached to the crown, and is very fidgety to attach. I have a later spoon bonnet I am working on, and will post a photo of that when I finish it.


  1. Meadow, this is beautiful. I am a seamstress and can really appreciate your work. I love making "old" clothes for my girls. We live in Virginia and this is the civil war capitol. We love going to living history events and looking at the era clothing. Come and visit and we will take you sightseeing. Do you dress in your work too? Beautiful job keep it up. Lord bless you

  2. My husband and I went to Williamsburg a couple of summers ago, and I did a painting series on 18th century craftspeople. I sometimes dress in my work when I need a model for one of my paintings. I made my husband an 18th century ensemble, we hope to go to an event one of these days. Thanks for checking out my stuff. You are lucky to live in an area full of rich history

  3. oh my goodness! this is just amazing and oh so sweet! love it!~

  4. Thank you very much, glad you like it. Hats are so fun to make, and they fit everyone!