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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regency Bonnet Commission part 5-final

At last, the finish and decorative touches for the Regency bonnet. I have chosen some vintage and antique trims for the finish. A spray of emerald green 1920s feathers, antique gold lace, vintage velvet bud spray, vintage metal ribbon, silk satin sash ties, and a large ribbon work piece from various silks. I made the ribbon work piece in materials to coordinate and tie in all the colors.

The top of the bonnet is finished with a button and antique gold lace. I made tassels from antique metal bullion trim. These antique metal trims are hard to find, but were once all the rage in clothing and home decorations. When one finds them now, they have a great old patina to them, a fine deep bronze coloration. I have been collecting all these antique bits and pieces for the last few years hoping to find use for them. Millinery is perfect for these fragments from the past.

I am also showing the other hat my client purchased. This hat is made from a dark brown cellulose straw with that same gold bullion thread woven throughout. I had only enough of the braid to make one hat! It is hand-sewn to a buckram base. I used antique silk satin from the Victorian era to line and decorate this bonnet. I tried to find an antique or vintage lily flower trim, but could not. I made one from the same silk. I cut petal pieces out, sewed them together, and added wires inside each petal. This allows the petals to be shaped any which way. Glass beads and vintage millinery stamens complete this stargazer lily. Green silk was cut into leaves and wired in the same manner as the petals and attached to a silk stem. I hope to make more of these types of flowers down the road. Both hats were shipped off together, and my client expressed her happiness in two new bonnets when they arrived.

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