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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vintage Circus part 2

Here is the circus set-up for my still life class. We are doing this for two weeks. I try to create small scenes within a larger scene. Students tend to gravitate towards certain objects, and these vignettes help pare down the big scene. In a still life there are usually organic and inorganic objects. I look at organic items like flowers, fruit, and vegetables as having a bit of leeway in their design. Man-made objects like vases, cups, and various containers are more strict in their design. This can create a good balance overall in a painting. If your teacup has a wobbly ellipse, it draws the eye to it in a bad way. A piece of fruit with a little irregularity can be pleasing to the eye. This particular scene involves a stricter drawing phase, there are a lot of objects with perspective involved in their placement.

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