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Monday, December 20, 2010

Collection Highlights Series-Antique metallic laces

I want to share one of my collections with you. Most people have a tendency towards collections of some type. We artists appreciate the ones that collect artwork! I enjoy collecting antique textiles. This began as a way to embellish my costumes with real pieces from the past. There is nothing like antique lace and fabrics to form a bridge to past traditions of craftsmanship. We move so fast today, and our clothing and decorations are almost of a disposable quality. The amount of work and toil that went into the creation of one item of use 100+ years ago really shows in details. As they say "God is in the details." I like to think of these things when I sit down to do a painting. Everything was a work of art, and everyone had a role to play in the creation process. Today I share some of my antique metallic laces. These add that crowning touch to an ensemble.
In the 18th century, metallic trims were used to display a person's wealth.

Many were made from precious metals. It is rare for these examples to survive, as most were melted down during the Revolution, and times of recession.

The heyday for metallic trimmings peaked during the 1920's. Lame' fabrics were all the rage, with shimmery golds and silvers woven through the fibers. In the low-light opium dens, and smokey bars, these flickers of metal cast an ethereal glow about the person.

Lovely silk flowers were embellished with golden lattice lace and added to everything.

This is a length of bullion trim. It has a wonderful old gold patina now, and is long and swingey.

Shorter bullion trims were used for army officer's coats, and for awards:

Various examples of turn-of-the-century trims:

These are often seen edging heavy velvet drapes and vestment robes.

Wonderfully aged roaring 1920's gold and black silk lace:

My oldest lace-this is from France, hand made and a very aged patina

I hope to add this to the front of an 18th century corset one day!

Are you still awake? Thanks for reading...I will share more collection highlights down the road.

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