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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dueling Santas

A client who saw my Tiny Claus painting in my Etsy shop asked me if I could paint two 12"x12" Santa paintings. I have done some double pieces in the past, and the difficulty lies in trying to compare and re-do your exact strokes. I asked if I could make one a slightly different angle than the other. Thanks to my awesome easel, I can paint two smaller pieces at the same time. I worked one painting up to a certain level, and then switched over to the other one and brought it to the same finish. I had some problems with these Santas...I looked at the Haddon Sundblom book "Dream of Santa," and wanted to paint my guys like him.

I had to put the book away and not look at it anymore. Erik said it looked like I was trying to paint my way and his way, and they were not meshing together. In my mind's eye, I was thinking of those old vintage St. Nicks from the Victorian age, so I went with that vision a bit more in the end. I would like to do a couple more along that theme one day-the old St. Nick/Kris Kringles. The Victorian age of art is one that interests me, and I wonder how to merge that theme with a brushier more painterly technique?


  1. Hi fatjester- There is now a widget in the column to the right. There will be some new painting studies listed soon.