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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting a head start next semester...

As many of you know, I have cut my teaching down to two classes per term at the Watts Atelier. I aim to pursue my studio painting at a full-time level. This means more painting posts down the road, with step-by-step tutorials. Next semester I am teaching a class on painting facial features. This is a good class for all levels. We will work on each feature for two weeks, incorporating studies from reference, masters, and life. This is a good opportunity to slow down and finesse the features in a painterly way. Here are some examples of studies from this class.

This class runs tuesdays from 10-1pm.
I am also teaching head drawing on friday mornings from 10-1pm. This is a model based class for each of the 10 weeks. These are some demos from the last couple of semesters.

This is a head-lay-in, which is a way of mapping out the features and the shadow pattern together.

This is a tonal demonstration, which occurs after the mapping process.

This is a demo of an Abe Lincoln impersonator, he is a lot of fun to draw.

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