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Friday, December 17, 2010

Oil Painters of America

I received a very exciting letter from the Oil Painters of America yesterday. I am now a Signature Member. If you have not heard of the OPA, they are a great organization of oil painters. To become a member you can join as an Associate artist, or a Sponsor, if you are not art inclined. This allows one to compete in shows and join paint-outs and artsy events. There is a wide range of subject matter and styles, but all is of skillful quality. After an artist competes in three gold medal shows, or two gold medal shows and two regional shows, they can apply for Signature status. This has taken three years, and now it is official- I feel a part of something really cool. I am not a big "joiner" type...but some groups are a great way to get involved in a movement you believe in. Artists tend towards the solitary in habit, and need to get prodded out once in a while!

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