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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I took a long drive to Los Angeles yesterday to see the new exhibit-"Fashioning Fashion." This show runs through March 6th, and is a must see for any costume enthusiasts. The premise of the collection is clothing from the early 18th through early 20th century. This collection came together as a result of two people collecting articles of amazing clothing. They found they were competing with each other for the best duds at auctions and such. After years of warring, they decided to collaborate their pieces and sell them to a museum. This traveling exhibit is a result of several years of planning. Custom mannequins were made to showcase each outfit!
I imagine Erik and I would have looked like this couple back then:

I know Erik would have worn this plaid in the Victorian era:

Kim Kardashian has nothing on these ladies posteriors!

This "outfit" surprised me the most...who knew the fetish crowd existed during the prudish Victorian/Edwardian age!

Think of all the time and craftsmanship involved in the execution of one garment-every piece of lace, trim, and woven silk done by hand, and then hand stitched into gorgeous pleats, frills, and ruffles.

Not to be missed, in the same Resnick Pavillion, is a complementary show of highlights from the Resnick Collection. The exhibit ends January 2nd. This painting caught my eye from a distance...of course, the great Joshua Reynolds:

There were a male and female set of lovely sculptures-my female shot was too blurry. I did not catch the name of the artist, but love the dark material-

A beautiful color scheme in this Italian work by Giem Battista Crosato dated 1740-

Don't miss the chance to see two amazing shows! Tickets are 15.00, and there are several buildings of art to see for the same ticket. Bring a camera, but you can't use the flash (duh!) It's a very easy drive up the 5 to see this show if you are in San Diego.


  1. Awesome, Meadow! Thanks for the inspiring pics! Wish I could have done the same but Seattle to LA is a little daunting. Am enjoying your blog so much:)

  2. thanks Laura! I am trying to show a little bit of everything that goes into historical painting. San Diego to LA was plenty a drive for me...could only imagine up to the top of the states