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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tutorial-how to stretch your own canvas Part 2

Flip your canvas over, so the primed side is face down. Set your bar set-up on top and center...check the straight of grain edge to make sure the canvas is not at an off angle. I start on the longer sides first. For the first tack, I fold the canvas over the one edge and lift the canvas towards me while the opposite edge is tucked under the bar. Gently pull with your hand and hammer in first tack in the middle of the bar.

Go to the opposite side and use the pliers this time to pull firmly and place in the next tack in the middle.
At this point, two longer sides are tacked. Rotate to the short side, pull with pliers and place in one tack in the middle. Repeat on opposite short side. I now have four sides tacked. Go back to the long side again, and use pliers to put a tack on each side of the original, about 1.5 to 2 inches apart.

Repeat this process until you are done with the short sides. If your canvas is equally square, pick two opposite sides to finish first.


  1. Meadow, Outstanding blog. So full of good info. I'm really impressed. A nice variety of topics and those hats are incredible!

  2. thanks Candace, you have a super blog yourself!