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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Collection Highlights Series-Creepy dolls


I have been collecting dolls for a little while. And while not my intention, somehow amassed a fair amount of creepy ones. There are so many varieties of dolls out there, that there is something for everyone. And you guys ought to know that action figures and replica figurines are dolls too. A really creepy one is the doll here whose eyes fell down inside her head. You can hear them rolling around like a baby rattle.

I have quite a few of those dolls of the world-like the kind Richard Schmid paints in his still lifes. Now there's a man who can paint a doll!

When Erik gets scared at night, he asks for this doll with the pink head wrap to comfort him.

I hope to get a chance to paint some more of these dolls. I have painted some, and have used them in still life class as well.

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