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Friday, January 7, 2011

On the MAN-nequin hunt

I have been searching for a suitable mannequin head to display my hats. This is not an easy search...there are many heads to be had, but most are ugly or just plain scary!

Our modern mannequins tend to be made of foam or resin material.
I do not know who designed this foam head, but it has some serious proportion issues.

This resin piece looks like Glenn Close-a little too Fatal Attraction for me.

These two gorgeous pieces are resin reproductions-very beautiful, and very expensive.

This is another resin reproduction, she is still quite pricey, and her eyebrows a little painted while on Halcyon or something.

Oh to have lived in the prime of the mannequin- the Victorian age! These two are Pierre Imans pieces, and are made in wax.

Wax was the material of choice during that era. Thousands of tiny human hair were even inserted into the scalp, lash line, and eyebrows for a realistic feel. Early mannequins were also made of paper mache, and plaster. Some studios still work in wax, but run in the thousands for a model. I am contemplating making my own model in sculpey...I will let you know if I do!

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  1. Meadow, Have you considered constructing a mannequin from a wire armature with clay. You know your way around the forms of the head/neck, it might be a good exercise from an artistic perspective, too.