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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Painting teaser/experiment-spring

Here is the start of a new painting. It is nice to take a little break from animals and people and paint a still life. This is a scene of daffodils from my garden. I hope to paint a lot of still lifes from my own garden blooms this year. My roses are just starting to leaf out, so roses will follow in a couple of months. I am a David Austin fanatic... I now have 25 Austin rose bushes. They are so much fun to paint. In the mean time, I must wait. Paper whites and daffodils are early spring, late winter bloomers.

My experiment tonight is with a small glass of wine...will I paint badly under the influence? Does a little wine help one focus more by relaxing and getting into the painting mood? The last time I painted under the influence it was a terrible experience. Two margaritas and three hours of painting out in the sun en plein air makes for a really crappy painting. I thought it looked good until I sobered up (beer goggles?) I have a little Chris Isaak going and a bit of zinfandel. Will post later the result.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Antique Mannequins-Meet Simone and Hattie

In my quest to acquire a mannequin head, I now have two! I will be making a third, to cover earlier decades as well. I found a very vintage model-here name is Hattie. I named her after Hattie Carnegie, the famous milliner. Hattie is a 1940s gal. She forgot to use her Pond's Cold Cream, and is now cracked and aged. I like her look. She is very typical of the 40s era mannequin heads. The back of her head is designed with a little ledge in the hair to help display tilt hats and such. Should I try to restore her, or just appreciate her age patina?

My other girl Simone is a reproduction mannequin. She is a 1920s model. I think she is divine. They called her Esther on the website, but she begged for a new moniker. She was described as having smokey bedroom eyes...but I call them Opium stupor eyes. She is a beauty.

They are going to display my hats and bonnets . I just put up a set of new caps in my Etsy shop using Simone as a model.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salon International-New Painting

"Peaceful Morning"

Here is a new piece that is going to the Salon International show in Texas. It is 12x12 on linen canvas. This is the fourth piece in my girls and farm animals series. I am working on the fifth piece right now. I hope to enter it into the OPA show coming up in April.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meet Claudine

I don't think you have met Claudine yet. She is old and French. Is that redundant? Let's just say that she does not prefer the company of Betty and Joan. I think she is wonderful. I use her to display my antique textiles. Her old linen fabric and rusty iron spring is a nice background.

When I brought her home Erik said-you are going to have to sew a new cover for her. I did protest at first...until I tried to put an antique dress on her and she snagged it everywhere. She will undergo partial breast reconstruction soon.

I will dye this linen as close as possible and make a new cover that will end at the waist.

I can't cover up her lovely number details!