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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Painting Demo-Step by step-part 1-pansies

Please forgive my bad photos on this post. My painting is very wet, and I did not use a polarizing filter. I am working with oil on linen on board. The image size is 8x10, and these are pansies and Hellebores (Lenten Rose) from my garden. I sketched in the drawing with some thin paint in a mix of transparent maroon and winsor violet. I don't usually use the violet for a lay-in, but wanted to star with a purple theme. The panel had a light stain on it (former bad painting wipe-out) You can stain with any neutral-burnt sienna, burnt umber, etc. I usually use transparent maroon and olive green mixed. I begin to layin the dark pansies on the left,
darks are hard to keep, and want them to be rich.

I move to the right side and star to test the water on one of the more complicated pansies. I move to the right corner and start on one of the hellebores-they are green flowers, and really interesting. I start on another one at the upper left area, and then block in some dark warmth at the bottom portions. This will have some lace fabric on it later, and it is good to have a dark underpainting there first.

I start to block in the little footed bowl, and put in some abstract background shapes. This is my stopping point for the night. I will post some more pics as I get back working on it.

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