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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting teaser/experiment-spring part 2

Here is an update to my painting experiment. I am getting close to a finishing point on my painting. My verdict of drinking and painting is thumbs down. Well, more like thumbs half way up for about an hour and then thumbs down after an hour. Good music, good wine, sounds so nice and relaxing...and that is the problem, after about an hour, the deadly sleepy feelings take over.

It makes for some sloppy brushmanship as well-which might benefit one who tends to get a little uptight-feeling with their brushmanship.

The beer goggles definitely take over too-and that is simply not allowable. You want to wake up the next day and like the painting you see...not go-where did that painting come from -who painted that?
I should post the finish-sans booze-soon.

1 comment:

  1. Meadow, You've got a very fresh perspective on things. This is funny. Not sure about the thumbs-down though. I really like your brushwork here. It's definitely looser and bolder than normal, if that's possible :o) I'm thinking an occasional glass of Zinfandel might be in order. Let's see the finish.