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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snow time like the present...

Erik and I took a very needed day off to go hiking and get some fresh air. We decided to go up to Palomar Mountain. If you have not been there before, it's a pretty darn big mountain range quite close to escondido and north county. The elevation is over 6,000 feet. It once boasted the world's largest telescope. We left our house in Carlsbad yesterday, which was gloomy and overcast. At a certain range in elevation, you are above the cloud line when you head up the mountain, and it is sunny and gorgeous! We did not plan, nor think about the fact that there would be snow there. What looks like very little snow can become a lot of snow when you are lost on the trail and wearing adidas sneakers. We did not wander lost for very long...I thought we were following a previous hikers walking stick marks, but they proved to be deer tracks. The trail was covered in snow in many areas, making it difficult to see where we were going.

We took the Chimney Flats trail, looping that into the Doane valley trail. It was beautiful and so clean and refreshing. If you hurry out in the next few days, you will get a chance to take a snow day yourself!

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