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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Garden Tour-Still life painting potential

I have had many questions about my sources for still life painting. I like to paint English roses and hard to find flowers like Hellebores and such(pictured above.) You are not likely to find these at your local floral stand, and if you do, the price will be shocking! My solution is to grow my own. Erik and I live in a small condo, and the major selling point for us was the huge back yard deck. It backs up to a very large, very vertical easement. This easement had not been maintained when we got our place. It was a big brown weed patch. I set out to get it planted right away. The soil is very clay based, we have brought in tons of good compost, and even rocks from my parent's property out in Ramona. I used to wear a back pack when we would walk the dog, and put rocks in it. I have tried to plant as many water friendly plants like lavender and Euphorbias. The roses, viburnum, and hydrangeas require more water, and they are mostly in pots.

Things are just started to set their buds and blooms, and this winters more generous rain will prove to be a good start to the season ahead. This is the catwalk area- as I said, our yard is almost all vertical, with a small walkway at the top:

Sweet peas being trained to tendril on some bamboo, and clematis waiting to bloom on the trellis structures behind:

We never sit out on the back porch, the chairs and table are more potential spots for growing:

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