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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I have been up to...Victorian Wild West Outfit

I just finished sewing an 1880's ensemble for a Victorian western photo shoot. My friend Ben was good enough to grow the stache for my photo shoot, and endure the wearing of vintage long johns. The vest and pants are made from a vintage wool and silk fabric in a dusky gray with terracotta pinstripes. It's an awesome fabric, but I only had enough to make the vest and pants. I wanted to make an overcoat as well, but needed another 3 yards for that. I made the shirt from this organic Japanese cotton I got on ebay, it is a cream color with goldish stripes. The winsor tie is a blue and cream silk.

The buttons and pocket watch are Victorian era antiques.

I used Laughing Moon patterns, which are historically accurate and well drafted. This was my first venture into this era and into the tailoring of menswear suits. I hope to make Erik a full ensemble one day.
Ben really put in the effort, and did an action sequence for me....which is probably how the crotch ripped on the pants afterwards.

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