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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dolls and Dogs

I plan to do some doll portraits in the near future-along with all the other things I want to paint! Antique French bisque dolls really interest me. They have quite a history, and a current following. Several rival companies in the 1880's competed for sales of the best dolls. These dolls were not meant as play things for most children, but as rewards to look at and sew for under careful supervision.

Companies like Bru, Jumeau, Steiner, and many more were top doll makers. Today a desirable Bru dolly can fetch 15-30,000 and up.

Alas, I won't be owning any of these lovlies. I have acquired some modern reproductions. My largest is a 24" Jumeau, the mid size is an 18" Bru, and the smallest a 14" Thuiller. Our dog Poppie is still afraid of the big girl, perhaps the glass eyes and large stature confuse her.

She loves the smallest one however, and tries to lick her face.

Our cat Badger has to give his stamp of approval as well.

Before I do my photoshoots, I must make them some new outfits.

I have finished a pair of leather shoes, and I am working on a silk and antique lace dress for the biggest doll.

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