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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Started-Doll Party oil painting step by step

Getting started can be the hardest part of painting...and sometimes the finish is more difficult-wait, are there any easy parts of a painting? Laying out my piles of paint is easy, putting on good music is easy, and imagining all the bright prospects that lay ahead is easy.
A solution I use to get myself going is drawing in the composition. One can use this time to sort out the first areas of attack with the brush. This is a 40x20 oil primed linen canvas.
Do excuse my poorly executed areas, this is where my patience got the best of me. 2-3 hours is my max on the drawing-in phase. I realize I need to work the perspective of the blocks out, and this I will do in the painting process.

Is it better to render a new piece, or try a looser approach, hoping that the drawing will work itself out? My opinion rests in the middle, a place for everything should be found, but the inner details left for the painting phase. This way, one knows the composition will fit the canvas.

Here I begin the first phase of the block-in. It is important to get the darks in early on a dramatic lighting piece.

I used to quickly stain areas of the whole painting, with local color stains, or sometimes complimentary color stains. Lately the process has been to work in one area until it is mostly finished. By mostly, I mean that I have to go back and make adjustments to the earlier phases of painting, as the later phases come to a fruition. For example, the rose on the left could have too many hard edges or bright colors, pulling attention from other flowers that are in more important compositional zones.

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