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Friday, May 20, 2011

New painting- "Little Dolls" & Color Comp

Here is a new painting called "Little Dolls" It is a 6x10 on gesso board. I took this shot at an antique doll convention. I plan on doing a few pieces in this theme.

Painting dolls is a little strange, one part familiar ( like painting the human portrait), and one part odd (frozen expressions and weird shiny skin tones.)
I just finished a big photo shoot with dolls and roses. This is my color comp- a 5x10 on gesso board.

The painting is going to be a 20x40, and I am currently sketching it in right now. Doing a comp can be very useful when embarking on a large busy painting. It can help with the organization of values and composition. The doll on the far right is wearing the new dress I finished, to be posted later. I can make a few different outfits so my "models" appear different in each painting.

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