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Friday, June 24, 2011

New Regency bonnets

Two new Regency era bonnets have just been finished. One is in the Etsy shop, and the other is a commission. The commission is based on a previous bonnet that was posted about before. The client liked the silk fabric, but needed different trims to coordinate with her dress. For this bonnet, antique metal lace, silk organza, antique silk ribbons, an antique ostrich plume, and wonderful antique metal bobble laces were used. The pinked silk from the previous post was gathered and placed around the outer brim.

A new way of using pleated silk organza was utilized on the underside of the brim and the rosette at top.

This silk organza bonnet has a vintage straw brim and hand worked ribbonwork flower.

Both bonnets are mainly hand-sewn, no glues or visible machine work. This makes for a more authentic appearance.

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