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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New painting-Russell Steam Engine

I took a brief segue from the Doll Party painting to work on something else. Here is a new piece I finished last night. It is a 24x24 oil on linen canvas. I hope to enter it into a competition. This was very fun to paint, with a variety of textures and effects. The drawing process, however was not fun, and I almost lost "steam" during that phase. It is a new subject for me, and deciphering the various parts was confusing.

Ellipses are difficult, and any vehicle is a series of ellipses:

I went to the steam engine museum for plein air painting a while back, thinking how fun it would be to paint an old tractor. Three hours went by and I was still trying to correct the drawing of ONE tire. Simultaneously my friend Ben was doing an amazing painting of a huge Caterpillar tractor. That only made my tire look worse!
Challenging subjects are very rewarding in the long run. I hope to paint a couple more steam engines in the future.


  1. Awesome, Meadow. I think I know that steam engine. The tires look perfect. Nice steam.

  2. What's up Mrs. Meadow! I finally hacked into your blog. haha. Very nice paintnig. The little detail like the flags and the Russell logo really finish it off nice.

  3. Thanks so much, can't wait to paint more steam engine stuff!