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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The restoration of Claudine

Old Claudine was in bad shape. She needed a makeover to feel good about herself again. The years had taken their toll on her skin and it was dry and flaky! Back in February I mentioned fixing her back up.

I had tried to put an antique blouse on her, and it got ripped and snagged on the nails and uneven surfaces. This new "skin" covers the upper half of the dressform, while preserving the original markings.

Padding was added to the areas that were missing, to build up the surface. Some of the deep dents were left alone. The pattern was traced on tissue by laying it over the existing cover. There were 8 pieces to form the upper area, plus 2 pieces for the arm area.

The cover was then hand sewn over the old one, and a new waist band added.

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