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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arizona whirlwind trip

Erik and I took a very quick trip to Arizona last week. We left on friday and returned on saturday. We visited the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff for a Navajo event. The museum is a beautiful work of art itself-of local rock and finished with lovely Indian works of art. The front entrance boasts a great Bettina Steinke painting, too!

This rapid trip was for photo reference of the Navajo peoples. This young dancer did an amazing basket ring dance, weaving these hoops through his arms and legs.

Our return brought us through the Prescott area. We stopped at the famous Palace Saloon for lunch:

When the town burned at the turn of the century, the drinking patrons in the bar managed to rescue the 1870's wood bar. They brought it outside and finished their drinking while the town burned. Gotta have priorities!

The weather was wonderful, and a great summer destination travel spot.

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