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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shades of Summer-dahlia bouquets

Here are the recent pickings from the garden. I have had better success with growing dahlias this year. It seems that the deep shades do the best in my yard. I ordered about a dozen types from Swan Island Dahlias in the spring.

Large multi pink bloom:

I like the "ball" dahlias:

A strange sweet pea perennial is going strong, it starts out a rich deep purple pink and fades to pale lilac:

Pale peach and pink "cactus" dahlias:

If you have not tried dahlias before, you are missing out! Dahlias were originally brought into the states as a food source-their tubers are potato-like. Some did not like the taste, but loved the flowers. The Victorians went crazy with hybridizing different types of dahlias, producing more varieties than found today. I pair my tubers with roses, and plant them in pots. Just feed and water, and the rewards are wonderful. Every shade but a true blue can be found. The flower types range from tiny pom pom balls, to giant 14" and up "dinnerplate" blooms.
They last a long time as a cut flower, and in the yard, blooming up to the first frost.

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