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Friday, December 30, 2011

Edwardian dress-getting started

The silks have arrived and preparations have been begun to restore the dress for our costume class. The dress form is being draped with silk crepe in an attempt to figure out the bodice arrangement.
I ordered two red silk chiffons-one a dark red burgundy crepe, and the other a medium red regular chiffon

Well, the color of the dark red crepe is nothing like the photo-

I will have to dye this silk. The crepe is too similar to the plain chiffon. Below is a packet of antique Putnam dye, in garnet red. I have used these antique dyes with success in the past.

The red poppy flowers are the source for the dual shades of red that I wish to acquire:

It is hard to tell in the photo, but there are deep burgundy centers in the flowers.
This same brand of dye was used in an ecru shade to match some white silk crepe to the original aged ecru crepe:

Here I am trying to sort out the mess of the sleeves for pattern copy:

The old sleeve is inside the new silk:

These will be mostly hand sewn, as the former sleeves were mostly hand sewn.
What a mess!


  1. Your dress will be stunning when finished. This last post is super informative. Thanks for sharing your skills.

  2. Thank you,we shall see what happens from here! I think I will need to make some guesses as to where things will attach, as the original silk had shredded away from the foundation.

  3. I am DYING to see the restored gown! I'm so glad you have taken on the challenge~ bravo!!