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Monday, December 19, 2011

"Jazz Age" painting project- limited earthy palette

Early next year I am planning on doing a personal piece. A personal piece can be one which takes you from your normal repertoire into something which requires new methods or subject. This lovely book "Jazz Age Beauties" is a great source of inspiration for the artist.

Jeff Watts has used it in classes as an inspiration for model poses, and I have used it for a photo shoot with a Flapper era theme.

This is a fantastic book, and can be picked up through Amazon or other book sources. Many of the photos have a sepia type of tint to them, which prompts a palette to reflect a warm aged patina.

Erik questioned my recent purchase of earth based pigments, as they are not usual fare for me. The earth based pigments are completely archival, and very inexpensive, two favoring factors for their use. However, in experience, earth pigments are generally not opaque, and can vary between companies in terms of color. Winsor newtons yellow ochre is almost brown in comparison to Da Vincis yellow ochre. This difference can mean a lot when using a limited range of pigments. My proposed palette incorporates mainly earth pigments with a couple of transparent modern paints. Titanium white, yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna, venetian red, raw umber, and ivory black are my earth based pigments. I have added sap green: a warm sheer green, transparent maroon: a warm sheer deep red ( and a real favorite of mine) plus blue black: an ivory black with a bit of ultramarine pre-mixed.

The addition of titanium white to each (tinting) shows the range of coloring available. The theme of red and green complements will hopefully make for a painting which feels rich, and not lacking in color.

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