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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Painting-photo re-do

This is a new Santa painting I finished last week. At my insistence, I asked Erik to photograph it for me. He understands the process of photographing artwork for the best results. On an overcast day, one can photograph their work outdoors and achieve fairly decent results. Erik decided that was a good quick option. However, using a toothy-grained canvas can result in a lot of texture in the photo.

Of course, I had to nicely complain that the photo was not doing the painting any favors. So Erik took the painting down to the garage where we have our "real" equipment-two photo lights with polarizing filters, and a color correction guide. This is the difference with the equipment:

There is still some grain evident in the photo, but not overly distracting. The color is much more true as well.

I think Erik should teach a workshop down the road on photographing artwork. (I should take it too!)

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