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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New painting-flapper piece with limited earth palette

I just finished this piece for the Oil Painters of America competition. It's title "Flapper" and is 38x18" oil on linen canvas. I used the limited palette I designated several posts back with titanium white, yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna, venetian red, transparent maroon, sap green, ivory black, and blue black. It was a bit challenging in the beginning, but also very simple to use. I could not achieve any bright reds or other vivid colors, but that also makes for a combination of colors that are harmonious and complementary on a subtle level.

Her mouth probably has the most chromatic use of the red family, and I tried to scale everything else against that.

The silver shoes were fun to paint, I hope to get to paint metallic textiles again.


  1. thanks Bryan! have not seen you lately...hope you been painting

  2. It has been a while. I miss taking your classes. I hope all is going well. I've been painting as much as I can...
    Warning: You're going to be severely upset at my lack of backgrounds. :)

  3. ha ha, I have become the Nazi-teacher of background painting lately, so probably good you have not been in class