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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photos of Regency Bonnets

Spring is in the air, and people are getting out to do Regency events. After a request to see photos of my bonnets, this post will share some of the hats I have made. Our current costume for my class is also Regency themed, and photos will follow when the black silk frock coat is finished.

Stove-pipe style in blue green silk with antique trims

Yellow silk bonnet with self yo-yo trim

Hand sewn antique straw with plaid silk and vintage trims

Vintage lilac straw and silk organza bonnet

Antique brown and gold straw braid with antique silk satin and hand made ribbonwork lily

Lilac silk satin bonnet with vintage pansy flower trim and ostrich feathers

Blue green silk pleated crown bonnet with antique and vintage trims

Directoire bonnet in antique silk satin with antique gold lace

Sinamay straw cloth bonnet with antique and vintage silk trims

Bibi bonnet after historical piece, in striped red and white silk with antique silk flower trim

Tall stove pipe bonnet with antique bullion star in black cherry/purple silk and green accents

Plaid silk taffeta, with vintage straw braid, and antique bullion trimmings

Free form hand sewn hemp straw bonnet with all antique silk and metal lace trims.


  1. Wonderful!! I am bookmarking your site. :)

  2. Thank you, I am working on some more, and will post them later this month

  3. Your bonnets are beautiful, Meadow!