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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Costume painting class-pose three-Lord of the Rings Elven gown

This Saturday marks the third and final costume for the class. Our last pose is going to be a Lord of the Rings Elven Gown. I am basing it on this pattern from Simplicity:

I chose silk velvet that I call Devil fabric, I believe that satan himself made this cloth. It is very hard to use (I don't have a serger machine, either.) It is in two coordinating earthy brown shades:

I am accenting it with another devilish cloth made from silk and metal wire:

It was originally a pale gold shade that I overdyed to have a two tone effect.
The plan was to embellish it with these lovely vintage sari trims from India, but they are not the correct dimensions for the collar trim:

The brass medallions will get incorporated in the dress in a few areas.
I have modified the sleeve pattern for a bigger more sweeping sleeve type.

Unfortunately I did not have as much of the lighter silk velvet to do this. I turned the pattern and cut them out of a rectangle-this caused the velvet nap to not match! I forgot about the sleeves look slightly different in terms of shading from each other. They are lined with the metal silk fabric:

The dress itself is a fairly simple princess seamed piece, of 7 large panels.

The pattern guide did not even come close to my model's amazing measurements- she is 6 feet tall and 40-28-41. Modifying the pattern for that cut makes for more puckering along the seam lines.
I have added lacing panels to the back in the hope that they will help with any loose/ill fitting areas in the mid-section.

These strips of silk charmeuse will be overdyed and used to finish the bottom hem.

More to come as the dress progresses....

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