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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Costume painting class-pose three-Lord of the Rings Elven gown-Final cut

The dress was finished just in time. I also made an elven crown from materials I could find at Michaels.

I was going to add those metal medallions shown in the last post, but they just did not look Elven to me. They looked Etruscan or something.

I used a simple antique braid instead, and much prefer the low key shimmer it has.
The collar, sleeve caps, and linings have the metal silk fabric.

I am curious how to achieve the effect of this type of fabric in a painting-I think my students will show me how to do it!
The really big sleeves drape nicely, and although the fabric nap does not match (and this does bug me a bit) it is a good trade-off for the effect-

Tami, our model, looks perfect in this dress-and a thank you to her to finishing the total effect.


  1. Amazing, Meadow, so beautiful. You've got a special gift.

  2. thanks Candace-this is a fun one to paint!