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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The once elusive confit pot

After years of trying to obtain an elusive confit pot, I am now the new owner of a damaged albeit intact antique ceramic wonder from France:

These golden beauties were once the tupperware of the French (and other euro folks) before the 20th century. They were used to hold confiture- or preserved stuffs. Topped with oil or wax, foods could be kept without spoiling. You will see these pots are now used to decorate every French kitchen themed dwelling. For the still life painter, they hold the potential for that something old in a painting. Just add fresh flowers and fruit, and you have a complementary scene. Their popularity reflects in the prices. This is unfortunate for us budget minded artists. If you are lucky to find one in the 200 range, it is likely from France. Watch out for the terrible shipping charge, usually around 80-100 dollars. Stateside, they are usually in the 3-400 range.
I found mine for 60...but she is a cracked beauty, and her flaws lowered her price on ebay.

An artist can look past these flaws-just like we sometimes do when painting the portrait!
I don't trust to put water directly in her, but she is a large beauty at 14" tall, and will hold a glass inside.
Her backside is also cracked:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she is lovely to my eye.
She is also a bit lonely, perhaps one day she will be displayed in the company of others

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