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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sneak Peak-painting and garderning

Finally getting around and feeling good again. I am sharing some parts of the dancing Indian piece I am working on-it is a 30x40-

This is the first pass on the head, I will go back and do a once over when I finish the sky.
Out in the garden, things are finally starting to take off.
This is a new rose for me called Wedgewood from David Austin:

Here is Queen of Sweden, another Austin that I have had since I started about 8 years ago-

The Austin rose Sir Edgar Elgar-a most gorgeous cerise shade. Unfortunately this rose gets a lot of mildew, and looks good for only the spring bloom.

A newer favorite Austin called The Pilgrim. It lasts a long time in the vase.

Kathryn Morley, an Austin rose with large lovely blooms

Falstaff, a deep crimson purple rose from Austin that is pretty stingy with blooms according to many growers. I have not had it long, so I can't judge yet.

Red Eden, a rose from a French grower, with very rich red blooms. I believe the Queen of Hearts would want this in her garden:

My old garden trug filled with this mornings harvest:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Garden in Spring 2012

Sorry for the lack of posting lately-it has been very busy around the house.
I am recovering from a hernia surgery, and going out of my gourd doing nothing. I can see out my porch, and the garden is getting ready to go. We tried to get it ready for a good spring bloom this year. Some new steps were put in to help me get up the steep incline safely.
Flats of seedlings are waiting to sprout-

These are flats of summer annuals like marigold, zinnia, yarrow, etc.
Several years of overgrown woody perennials were chopped down and refreshed. A small dwarf olive has been planted and surrounded with other drought tolerant perennials.

The birds have been flocking around the small fountain and scratching for bugs