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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A French style screen

The search for a French style room screen has now ended!
And no, that is not my priceless antique pictured above...I had to find one in another way.
The idea was to provide a backdrop for doing photo shoots with my antique mannequin/dressform (Claudine.)

The real French screens can run well into the thousands.

I asked my friend Brad to make one for me that I can cover with silk. I sent him some photos for ideas-

I wanted a middle panel that was wider than the side panels, and hinges that swing both directions.

This is the back of the door showing the thin wood mounted to the wider pieces. These doors also swing behind and become completely flat against the back. Silk will be mounted to the interior and tacked around with these brass tacks:

The antique brass scroll piece will serve as a place for hanging clothes hangers once I figure where to place it. I have antique dresses and lace hanging over the edge right now, but would like a proper place to put them.

And yes... that is an early 19th century blue silk Regency era bodice hanging there!
I will post more photos later once I get work going on the screen.

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