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Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden growing-the vegetable patch

Erik and I are determined to grow our own vegetables this summer. Last summer was a total disaster, a harvest of bitter lettuce and a miniature bell pepper were all that were brought to the table (actually, they went right back into the compost.)
A possible problem was the lack of irrigation to this part of the yard. It required all hand watering, which is not only a wasteful way of watering, but inconsistent. Another problem may have been a lack of sun and pollination...there was a net over the bed and thick green fencing.
Drip systems have been installed, which are much easier than previously thought.
Here are zucchini and beans:

This side is spaghetti squash, japanese cucumbers, and peppers:

This is already far more progress than all of last year.
Another bed area has strawberries:

Tomatoes are already fruiting in their own pot

I actually bought some of those upside down topsy turvy tomato things, as a comparison. I did not get a photo of those plants yet.
We have two compost bins, which work better than waiting for one to rot fully before adding new material. This one is airing out right now... but there are squash seeds growing in it! We eat a lot of squash, and the seeds germinated in the compost

The rest of the yard is becoming a jungle. The hydrangeas are much happier relying on drip irrigation over sporadic bucket watering.

If you are thinking of putting in a drip system, then do it! A starter kit can be had at home depot for 20.00. This is enough to set up a vegetable bed. It's also a good way to see what you will need for additional drip systems without a large investment.

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