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Friday, July 27, 2012

Painting step by step florals with doll-for Catherine and friends

This painting step by step is being posted for Catherine and others in my still life class. I am trying to show the layering process of painting flowers.
I am using a stained panel for the start to this painting.

The initial sketch is done with a warm red tone from transparent maroon and transparent red oxide.

I block in the flower masses using colorful local stains. Starting with the dark centers of each flower and squinting down to capture the simple shape

Getting everything else covered comes next. It's difficult to paint a flower without the surrounding paint, as edges and contrast are necessary to see it develop.

I changed the angle of the front ledge to one point perspective...the sloped edge made me feel uneasy.Please note it looks curved in the photo, but this is due to photographic distortion.

The first phase of rendering of the rose closest to the doll has been started.

The yellow rose it next. It is a lighter value in the reference, and it may need to be handled that way eventually. Time will tell if the focal points in the painting are distributed in a balanced manner. The value of the rose with that amount of dark surrounding it could pull the eye there more than wanted.

The pink rose to the right gets more layers. The doll will come next, she should be the number one character in the scene.


  1. thankyou, I hope to finish it this coming week, and will post a better shot of it then