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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crow Fair-pow wow 2012

Last week I went to Montana to photograph the Crow Fair Festival. It is a large pow wow type event with over 1000 teepees. Of course, there are modern amenities as well, and the teepees really represented a link to the past. Most sites had trailers, gas stoves, etc. Each day had a pow wow dance, all-Indian rodeo, and a parade.
I tried to get some action shots of the rodeo

The sun was going down, which helped with the warm weather for the dancers:

The weather was actually quite cooperative-the preceding weeks saw temperatures in the high 90's to 100's. The first day of festivities saw a break in the temp down to the 70's.
The parade was a great opportunity for the participants to show their family's pride in terms of beadwork and costumes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Three Bears costumed still life

Here are some quick pics of the still life set up with the Three Bears theme. They all have their finished outfits on and have settled into their arrangement

Two bisque dolls complete the goldilocks portion of the set up-here is a tiny one that Erik says has an unfortunate "toady" build

An antique metal top and copper chest with linen books repeat the child's story book theme.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Proud Papa

Erik had declared he is the king of cucumber gardening. This was picked this morning from the garden.

Our soil has been kind to the cucs. Sadly, our zucchinis fell pray to the mildew, and we ripped out the plants and replaced them with new seedlings. Hopefully a late season harvest will ensue. Tomatoes, green beans, and basil have done well also. The plan is to shift space from flowering plants over to vegetable and fruiting plants in the coming year.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tiny costumes antique bear wear-The Three Bears

I have been sewing up some costumes for my antique mohair bears. All hand sewn, with antique and vintage materials. These bears will be part of a still life set up for my still life class. The small bear wears a jester suit of cotton organdy with navy blue dots. I made him a fool's cap with crinoline, tiny piping, and a hand pleated rosette.

Little ruffles of cotton organdy with tiny red dots complete his ensemble.

The larger bear who has no mouth is wearing a cloak of antique cotton velveteen with a bone button.

I will sew him a new mouth, since he lost his at one point in life. His cloak is lined with antique cotton in a neat print.

The third bear is still naked (not pictured,) I need to make one more outfit for the three little bears theme.