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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two new bonnets Regency Georgian hats

 Here are two new hats I was commissioned for. The first is a flat straw bonnet. My client requested a green bird and a golden/natural color palette. 
This type of bonnet is more difficult to make. The straw cloth must be dyed and treated. It is more flexible than buckram. All edges have to be covered to prevent fraying of the straw. I used silk satin for this purpose.
I used antique soutache braid for the trim as well as antique feathers, vintage flowers and new silk satin ribbon.
The second hat is a Georgian style late 18th century hat. These were sometimes called flower pot hats, and were similar to mens riding hats. My client requested a blue palette for this. It is made from silk taffeta in a navy blue shade
The back is trimmed in an antique silk woven plaid ribbon from the Victorian era. 

The front is finished with antique ribbons, an antique millinery plume with porcupine quills, and an antique bullion star.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Painting-Fancy Shawl Dancer

 Here is the finish (finally!) of an Indian dancer. This is the largest piece I have done at 30x40."
 She is a fancy shawl dancer. This style of dance is newer to pow wows. Previous dancing styles for women were more stationary in movement. I have seen some dances where the dancer takes tiny footsteps to move about three feet in 5 minutes. The shawls have fringe which bounce and flow through the movements.
For aesthetic purposes, I changed the coloring of the lower skirt flounce, taos-type motifs, and shoe motifs to a turquoise shade. It was purple, but I felt a blue/green and orange/yellow complement scheme to be more pleasing.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I have a flipper for a foot-Stingray sting

Last friday Erik and I did our usual beach steps workout followed by an ocean swim. Rarely does the water get warm enough in San Diego to actually go swimming. This month it has been in the high 60's/low 70's. I barely went out in the water and immediately stepped on a sting ray. If you have ever stepped on one, you will confirm it is about the worst pain ever.

To quell the pain, you need to get your throbbing foot into really really hot water, and keep it in the hot water for a couple of hours. Flush the wound, and keep it clean. I thought everything was in the clear over the next couple of days. My foot only hurt mildly, and I went for a few short runs during the week. On friday, the week after the sting, my foot starting itching with crazy madness. I wanted to take a bbq brush to it. By Saturday morning, after a night of itching and pain, it was obvious that it was now infected. I went to the urgent care and got the nasty antibiotics and some hydro cortisone.
My foot feels like a flipper.

If you do step on one, keep your eye on it, the bacteria from the stingray stinger gets trapped in the wound and gets you later!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Color comp-Crow fair Indian on Horse

Here is my color comp for the next large piece. This is from the reference I shot in Montana two weeks ago. I spent a couple of days stretching the canvas and drawing in the image. It will be a 40"x60."

The comp is sized at 8" by 12."
I learned a lot from doing the comp. The original reference is very high in contrast. I tried to adjust this in the comp by adding cool highlights to the horse and to the rider.

I think it could receive even more of the sky colors to make the image more believable. Erik suggested lowering contrast in the sky area as well.