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Monday, September 17, 2012

I have a flipper for a foot-Stingray sting

Last friday Erik and I did our usual beach steps workout followed by an ocean swim. Rarely does the water get warm enough in San Diego to actually go swimming. This month it has been in the high 60's/low 70's. I barely went out in the water and immediately stepped on a sting ray. If you have ever stepped on one, you will confirm it is about the worst pain ever.

To quell the pain, you need to get your throbbing foot into really really hot water, and keep it in the hot water for a couple of hours. Flush the wound, and keep it clean. I thought everything was in the clear over the next couple of days. My foot only hurt mildly, and I went for a few short runs during the week. On friday, the week after the sting, my foot starting itching with crazy madness. I wanted to take a bbq brush to it. By Saturday morning, after a night of itching and pain, it was obvious that it was now infected. I went to the urgent care and got the nasty antibiotics and some hydro cortisone.
My foot feels like a flipper.

If you do step on one, keep your eye on it, the bacteria from the stingray stinger gets trapped in the wound and gets you later!

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  1. Hello Meadow, Sending good wishes to your flipper foot. The hot water bath is torture and the pain and infection. When this is over treat yourself with a get well gift. Take Care, Kathy