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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Painting-Fancy Shawl Dancer

 Here is the finish (finally!) of an Indian dancer. This is the largest piece I have done at 30x40."
 She is a fancy shawl dancer. This style of dance is newer to pow wows. Previous dancing styles for women were more stationary in movement. I have seen some dances where the dancer takes tiny footsteps to move about three feet in 5 minutes. The shawls have fringe which bounce and flow through the movements.
For aesthetic purposes, I changed the coloring of the lower skirt flounce, taos-type motifs, and shoe motifs to a turquoise shade. It was purple, but I felt a blue/green and orange/yellow complement scheme to be more pleasing.


  1. Where would I find a price listing of your current works of art? I think they are absolutely beautiful! Sincerely, Nancy Pierce

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