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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two new bonnets Regency Georgian hats

 Here are two new hats I was commissioned for. The first is a flat straw bonnet. My client requested a green bird and a golden/natural color palette. 
This type of bonnet is more difficult to make. The straw cloth must be dyed and treated. It is more flexible than buckram. All edges have to be covered to prevent fraying of the straw. I used silk satin for this purpose.
I used antique soutache braid for the trim as well as antique feathers, vintage flowers and new silk satin ribbon.
The second hat is a Georgian style late 18th century hat. These were sometimes called flower pot hats, and were similar to mens riding hats. My client requested a blue palette for this. It is made from silk taffeta in a navy blue shade
The back is trimmed in an antique silk woven plaid ribbon from the Victorian era. 

The front is finished with antique ribbons, an antique millinery plume with porcupine quills, and an antique bullion star.


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    1. I am really interested in fashion in the late 18th century. I've got bad time trying to buy quality items on the internet.