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Monday, December 17, 2012

If the show fits....

Here is a pair of leather moccasins I just finished. They aren't much to look at, but are appropriate for everyday dress.  I am planning out a new large painting with three figures. My reference is going to be composed of multiple pieces of reference. Erik will be modeling for one of the Indians in the scene. 
This means learning a new sewing skill- hand sewn leather work. 

 Some patterns just purchased to make a wardrobe of Native American dress. The tall moccasins look really fun to make, but I will not be attempting any beadwork.
These are some leather buckskin hides. They came from an unusual seller on Etsy. He does not hunt any of the animals that are made into hides. All his animals come from roadkill and other sources of recycling so nothing goes to waste. Sewing leather by hand is slow and painful on the hands. I don't know how Native Americans accomplished such fine garments using sinew of all things.
Here are some antique moccasins I own. After seeing how wonderful the beading was on these, I decided to use them for display and reference. The use of color and pattern is quite lovely. These are beaded using the lazy stitch technique.

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