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Friday, November 30, 2012

Big ugly chair-finished

Well, here it is, the big ugly chair has been finished. I learned quite a bit about upholstery, but have a long way to go. It was not as hard to get a smooth finish on the front panels, as they curve outward.

The back panels show every flaw, especially the weave flaws inherent in antique linen.
Antique brass rolling wheels were added to the legs. This chair is quite heavy, and they help to move it around.
The edges of the linen were topped in vintage cotton tape, with a subtle pale green coloring. The brass tacks were put over this for a cleaner edge. 
Badger cat loves his new chair. An old down pillow was added over the foam cushion, making for a pretty comfy cat chair. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Big Ugly Chair project

 I am trying out my first experience with upholstery. This is a big ugly chair that was purchased for 100.00 about 8 years ago. We needed something rococo-esque for the 18th century pieces I was painting.  The fabric was this awful polyester brocade, which only  made the bright gold leaf more gaudy.  I am using a piece of antique French linen to re-cover the piece.The tools are a tack hammer, tack puller, tacks, and some vintage cotton tape trim.
 Here is a finished panel, it is very hard work, and one understands the expense of  having something re-upholstered. There were tacks on every panel before-except they were not spaced, but neck to neck. It took many hours to remove them and some blisters to boot.

The back of the chair with the burlap "guts" and exposed woodwork.
Here is a chair from Restoration Hardware's Deconstructed line that borrows from this stage of uphostery:
My chair will be finished on all sides, however. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New painting-Feather Dancer

 Here is a new painting titled "Feather Dancer."  I know my titles are pretty boring, and unless something pops into my head while working on it, a simple plain title is given in last minute panic. This is a 20x40 oil on linen on board.
 His outfit was quite intricate and lovely. The materials all looked period-correct. 
There was a real eagle head on his staff, along with many feathers from an assortment of birds.