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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New painting-color comp study

This is a new color study for a future large painting. The size is 11x14, oil on linen board. The previous post shared a leather outfit made from several different hides. Hide colors were chosen to tie into the environment. Multiple pieces of reference are used to make one painting, and as such, there are changes that must be made. The original horse of the female rider was white, with pink accents. A dun color was chosen instead

This older man is serving as the link between generations. His dress of choice does not fit in with the scene. I wanted that grandfatherly figure putting the final touch into their ensembles.
Erik is posing in similar fashion as a substitution. I find it is better to have actual reference on hand for key players in a scene. The color study is a good guide to harmony and pattern in the larger piece.
This color comp was a great help on the last big painting:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New outfit-Native American leather ensemble

Here is my fine model of a husband in his new outfit. I sewed this over the course of a couple of weeks using a sinew substitute and a leather needle. It was rather hard on the hands, making one wonder how tough and strong the hands had to be for the ladies of the tribe.
The sleeve ends are snipped, as well as some of the edges for a decorative effect. Strips of leather run down the sides of the war shirt and the leggings. They were inserted to strengthen the seams, and were convenient if pulled off to tie something.  
The front and back of the shirt is reinforced with a panel of leather. These were often adorned with fine beadwork on the higher ranking tribesman.
The means of covering ones "delicate" parts is quite ingenious. Leggings are made separate from the center panel. The leggings are threaded through a belt, and then a strip of leather forming a breechcloth goes between the legs and over the belt front and back. A man out hunting could remove his legging in the heat, but keep the important parts covered. Likewise, leggings could be added to protect the legs during a hunt.
Here are the moccasins that were made a while back
I just couldn't get Erik to pose like he had a bow and arrow in his hand...such an uncooperative model!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

California native-long tailed weasel

This morning I looked out my window and saw this guy in my backyard. I have only seen weasels in the pet store, so I called Erik over. He thought it might be someones beloved pet that got out. Well, it is actually an indigenous creature to north America. The long tailed weasel is a carnivore who thrives on rats, small rodents, and reptiles.

I think he is the cutest thing ever. We hope he keeps those pesky squirrels away from our plants.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still life demo-first week of class.

This week began the classes at Watts Atelier for the winter session. The first week of painting classes starts with an instructor demo. I am teaching still life class this term. The garden is not blooming much right now, so flowers had to be bought at the flower stand. The selection of florals determined the palette of this set-up. In general, a metal object mixed with more organic objects like flowers and vegetation makes for a nice balance. A piece of antique flow blue pottery helps to tie in another element of the blue family to coordinate with the iris.

 This is the more zoomed cropping I decided to work from. My canvas panel is an 11x14
This is the lay-in sketch. I have stained in the more chromatic areas with pure yellows, the iris with cobalt blue and permanent rose, and the darks of the background.

Next, the middle values of the pitcher and the ground plane.
I tackled the key players next-the copper pot, and the lily bloom, as well as highlights on the pitcher
Lastly, the lemons were finished and some accents on the iris. The painting is brighter than this photo shows.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Paintings-two portraits

I just sent off two new paintings, both are 11x14 on linen panel. The above piece is of a young Crow women  title "Stormy Skies."  The other piece is of a Sioux and Crow girl titled "Pout."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year-new website

My husband was kind enough to update my old website. We chose a new color scheme and made it easy to navigate. It's not quite finished yet, but please check it out. If there are any weird bugs just let me know.