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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New outfit-Native American leather ensemble

Here is my fine model of a husband in his new outfit. I sewed this over the course of a couple of weeks using a sinew substitute and a leather needle. It was rather hard on the hands, making one wonder how tough and strong the hands had to be for the ladies of the tribe.
The sleeve ends are snipped, as well as some of the edges for a decorative effect. Strips of leather run down the sides of the war shirt and the leggings. They were inserted to strengthen the seams, and were convenient if pulled off to tie something.  
The front and back of the shirt is reinforced with a panel of leather. These were often adorned with fine beadwork on the higher ranking tribesman.
The means of covering ones "delicate" parts is quite ingenious. Leggings are made separate from the center panel. The leggings are threaded through a belt, and then a strip of leather forming a breechcloth goes between the legs and over the belt front and back. A man out hunting could remove his legging in the heat, but keep the important parts covered. Likewise, leggings could be added to protect the legs during a hunt.
Here are the moccasins that were made a while back
I just couldn't get Erik to pose like he had a bow and arrow in his hand...such an uncooperative model!

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  1. This looks absolutely beautiful. :D

    Do you have a pattern for this outfit? And how many yards did this take?