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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New painting-color comp study

This is a new color study for a future large painting. The size is 11x14, oil on linen board. The previous post shared a leather outfit made from several different hides. Hide colors were chosen to tie into the environment. Multiple pieces of reference are used to make one painting, and as such, there are changes that must be made. The original horse of the female rider was white, with pink accents. A dun color was chosen instead

This older man is serving as the link between generations. His dress of choice does not fit in with the scene. I wanted that grandfatherly figure putting the final touch into their ensembles.
Erik is posing in similar fashion as a substitution. I find it is better to have actual reference on hand for key players in a scene. The color study is a good guide to harmony and pattern in the larger piece.
This color comp was a great help on the last big painting:

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