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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still life demo-first week of class.

This week began the classes at Watts Atelier for the winter session. The first week of painting classes starts with an instructor demo. I am teaching still life class this term. The garden is not blooming much right now, so flowers had to be bought at the flower stand. The selection of florals determined the palette of this set-up. In general, a metal object mixed with more organic objects like flowers and vegetation makes for a nice balance. A piece of antique flow blue pottery helps to tie in another element of the blue family to coordinate with the iris.

 This is the more zoomed cropping I decided to work from. My canvas panel is an 11x14
This is the lay-in sketch. I have stained in the more chromatic areas with pure yellows, the iris with cobalt blue and permanent rose, and the darks of the background.

Next, the middle values of the pitcher and the ground plane.
I tackled the key players next-the copper pot, and the lily bloom, as well as highlights on the pitcher
Lastly, the lemons were finished and some accents on the iris. The painting is brighter than this photo shows.


  1. Hello Meadow,
    Thanks for sharing. I find that your posts are very interesting.

  2. Thank you so much, I hope they are interesting, or at least entertaining!