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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

French Screen-finally finished!

 This is a long overdue project, now finally finished. I procrastinated on this because I could not decide how I wanted the screen to be finished. Originally, the plans were to pad the surface, cover with silk satin and hammer in bronze tacks to the edges. After the big ugly gold chair project, I had had enough of hammering tacks. Also, the bulk of the fabric and padding caused worry as to being able to store this if need be.Forgive the camera distortion, the sides of the screen are in fact straight.
Here is the unfinished screen in the original state:

 I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Chateau Gray, and finished with her clear wax. The border was accented in gold metal leaf.
The chalk paint has the advantage of sticking to any surface, and cleanup is easy with soap and water. The color is quite strange, it moves between olive green and blue gray depending on the light.  
Here is a vintage French flower basket for a decorative touch with vintage millinery blooms.
I had some trouble using the wax properly, and some areas are more shiny than others..but it does have a nice aged look to it.

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