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Sunday, March 31, 2013

New painting-Final Touch

 We just drove this new piece out to Tucson yesterday. It is titled "Final Touch," and depicts an elder tying a shield piece to his daughter's horse. This is a 48x60 oil on linen canvas. I used the study piece extensively as a color reference, as many things were changed from the photograph.
The study was an 11x14.

 This was the horse that was changed from a white coat to a palomino shade.
 I was attracted to the face mask on this horse, it has almost a vintage circus feel to it.
 The daughter figure in this piece was wearing a lovely elk's tooth dress in a rich purple shade.
 This gentleman was painted before. His regalia was the finest I have ever seen, with multiple areas of extensive beadwork. I had asked the young woman in the elk's tooth dress if he was her brother, and she laughed-"no he is my boyfriend!" My original plan was to paint them as just a duet and title it "Courtship of the Crow." However, two competing figures seemed less ideal than three figures in a composition. I like odd numbers better.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Signs of Spring

Finally, some signs of Spring in the garden. The iris pictured above is the first of many planted last December. The Hellebores have been out for a while, they started in late January.

The soil blocks made a few weeks ago have been successful so far!

The first tray above has tomato seedlings on the left and squash on the right, the tray below is several types of lettuce.
The lettuce will go into this bed, the first one made last year. It is covered with "floating row cover." I wish I started using it sooner, it is great for keeping bad bugs away, and shields tender cool season veggies from the sun. 
Inside is kale, carrots, chinese broccoli, and lettuce, we have made several meals already, giving us some hope in the gardening department.
Here is the new bed that Erik made last month. It is planted with strawberries, and will also have tomatoes. We are trying out the red plastic mulch. It supposedly causes toms and strawberries to produce higher yields of fruit. It is nice to not have sow bugs in the strawberries, last year they ate all the fruit.
 Clematis starting to vine out, there are three types in this spot, they make great cut flowers.
The roses are all leafed out, and many have flower buds all over them. Just pruned in January, they have been working overtime to get their first flush going. Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still life class-red and white theme

The still life set up from last saturday. We worked on a variation of red and white shades with a dessert theme. The flowers are gerbera daisies, which are great subjects. They really hold up well for several days in water.